review: sophie magic pink cream

I've heard a lot about Sophie Magic Pink Cream from girltalk and teentalk for some time which made me want to try it.. But I've forgotten about it since I couldn't find a sophie reseller near me (I'm from bulacan) and the shipping fee is more expensive than the product.. I only remembered about the sophie magic pink cream when I saw Andi Eigenmann has it in her bag.. *i'm not sure if she's an endorser of Sophie*. Since it's cheap and I have nothing to lose, I've decided to get one for myself.

after few seconds of spreading the sophie magic pink cream.

with natural light.

a closer look.

-A little goes a long way.
-Has a long staying power!
-Smashbox o'glow dupe *i don't own one but i've read that this is a good dupe*
-Spotted on Andi's bag. hihi!

-Hard to estimate how much you'll be needing. *the first time i used this, i ended up looking like a tomato*
-Shipping fee may be more expensive than the product unless you have a reseller near you or there's a sophie outlet near you.
-Leaves hard to remove stain on my finger :(

overall: not bad for 70 pesos, right?:)

Andi Eigenmann
isn't she pretty? :)



thiswasforever's coastal scents brush guard giveaway.

this was forever will be having a giveaway :)

the brush guard's packaging courtesy of thiswasforever.
prices at stake:
1) Powder/Kabuki Pack (4 guards)
2) Shadow/Liner Pack (10 guards)

to check out her blog please click here.
to join her contest click here.

i'm lemming for brush guards since for a long time now!:D i'm keeping my fingers crossed :D

BORNIILOVE Sweet Romantic giveaway.

bornillove is having a sweet romantic giveaway because she already reached 300 posts! ;) woot!

the items at stake are the ff:

- MAC Hello Kitty limited edition pink lip gloss 
- JILL STUART limited sweet bridal Double Ring Collection (New Release this year which includes: a pink and a pearl white nail polish, a greeting card, a set of nail sticker, & a cosmetic pouch which doubles up as a ring pillow. See 
here for pic) 
- CANMAKE four shiny eyes eye shadow in pearl white, peach, pink and brown

- JILL STUART loose powder blusher in pink passion

How to join the contest:1. Be a follower or already a follower - 1 entry 
2. Leave a comment tag - 1 entry
3. Post this giveaway to your blog & give us your link (the giveaway pics are free for use) - 3 entries
4. If your blog is entirely dedicated to our giveaway, we will reward you with 5 entries.

Contest will end on:
11:59pm, 31 Aug 2010


review: in2it sheer shimmer blush in plum pearl.

Got this blush yesterday just because i hate the feeling of going home without buying anything and my sister said that I shouldn't get this blush because it looks like my elf glow. Instead of following my sister's advice, I decided to get it because we all know that elf glow is a dupe of the famous nars orgasm which up to now is on my wish list :p

without flash

with flash
without flash
Retail Price379php

Weight: 4g

-Very pigmented
-Gives a natural glow
-It has a clear packaging.
-Stays for more than 3 hours on my oily skin.
-Easy to find. (Available in leading department stores)
-Expiration date and manufacturing date is printed on the packaging.

-Container is scratch prone.

Overall, I love this blush!:)
side by side with elf glow

elf glow and in2it sheer shimmer blush looks different. Elf glow is peach with gold glitters and in2it is peachy pink with gold glitters. I really don't know how if it's a nars orgasm dupe because I don't own one. *keeping my fingers crossed*


legally vain train case :)

I've been collecting make ups since december '09. And that time, I wasn't sure if this addiction will last for a long time since I easily get bored with things kaya I didn't prioritize getting myself a train case pero as time goes by, I've realized that this addiction is something that would last a long time. After spending sleepless nights thinking if I should get one and days trying to save money (and failing), cutting down gimmicks and other expenses (which didn't help), after irritating my boyfriend asking for his opinion on what size to get and what color and where to get one, I've decided to purchase from LegallyVain after seeing their train cases in METRO's July Issue. After deciding on which train case to get,  I finally asked my dad to purchase me one. He immediately said yes! Yay! Thanks Daddy! I originally planned to purchase the Diva train case (13 x 9 x 9.5 inches)but a few more hundreds and I'll be able to get the XL train case (13 x 8 x 9 inches) and here comes another dilemma, just 300 pesos more and I'll be able to get the Diva Dresser which is very spacey (16 x 8 x 12.5 inches) and has a mirror plus brush holder! So I texted Eden of LegallyVain to ask for a side by side picture of the Diva train case and Diva dresser.. But I ended up getting the XL because it's made of aluminum and the two is made of veneer plus the XL has a lock which the diva dresser and the diva train case doesn't have.. Okay, enough blabbering, here are the pictures!:D

diva dresser - P

diva train case in red - P1,800 
diva train case vs diva dresser *picture courtesy of legallyvain*

i am a very sentimental person, i carefully removed that sticker and
decided to keep it just because it's my first train case.
meet holly golightly :) or should i name her audrey?

large legallyvain train case *it has four trays and the XL has three*

her sexy back <3

instructions that came with the train case
filled :)
According to LegallyVain:
-Size: 13 x 8 x 9 inches or 33cm x 20.3cm x 23cm (Very Big)
-big enough to fit 10 coke cans inside, not to mention free space on 3 trays
-Body is made of solid aluminum
-All LEATHER interior for easy clean-up
-3 wide trays
-Bottom compartment can fit 4 wide makeup palettes
-1 side compartment (for upright storage of tall containers or other items like brushes or perfumes)
-1 changeable combination lock

-Interior is made of leather which makes it easier to clean compared to the diva dresser which has a velvet interior.
-Durable because it's aluminum, i dropped this already and it didn't get any dent!
-Theft-proof because of the lock
-Nice designs available


Happy 2nd day, Holly! I'm so loving you!



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I've been into anything girly and anything related to make ups! I've decided to make a blog to let it all out. It's hard to be addicted into something without having anyone to share it with, right? Join me in my journey of finding and discovering things related to vanity and everything in between. :)

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