review: in2it sheer shimmer blush in plum pearl.

Got this blush yesterday just because i hate the feeling of going home without buying anything and my sister said that I shouldn't get this blush because it looks like my elf glow. Instead of following my sister's advice, I decided to get it because we all know that elf glow is a dupe of the famous nars orgasm which up to now is on my wish list :p

without flash

with flash
without flash
Retail Price379php

Weight: 4g

-Very pigmented
-Gives a natural glow
-It has a clear packaging.
-Stays for more than 3 hours on my oily skin.
-Easy to find. (Available in leading department stores)
-Expiration date and manufacturing date is printed on the packaging.

-Container is scratch prone.

Overall, I love this blush!:)
side by side with elf glow

elf glow and in2it sheer shimmer blush looks different. Elf glow is peach with gold glitters and in2it is peachy pink with gold glitters. I really don't know how if it's a nars orgasm dupe because I don't own one. *keeping my fingers crossed*


  1. I would kill for a cheap authentic Nars Orgasm. LOL. I guess that would be impossible. I hate how Nars is not available here in Baguio City. The in2it blush looks pretty! I love glittery blushes.

    By the way dearie, thanks for following my blog. Followed you back. :)

    Lots of love,

  2. i love shimmery blushes! thanks for sharing..

  3. Hi sis golden, thanks for following me!:) nako, me too!and though manila's just two hours away, i dont think i can spend 1350 for a blush so im still looking for cheap alternatives :) so for now, elf glow will do :) hirap kase bumili online kase baka fake :(

    hi khymm!:) shimmery blushes really brings out a natural glow :)

  4. I love this new line of blush from In2It! Why are these blushes not more popular?? Every shade--all six of them--could be a Nars dupe, with the most obvious one being Plum Pearl for Orgasm. Wasn't able to swatch Apricot Pearl though, maybe that's even closer to Orgasm? Anyway, dupe or not, they are some of the prettiest blushes available here. :)